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New Browser-Based MPOG

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Check out the game-development forum at http://xangelo.jconserv.net What is it? Basically it is a browser-based game. That means that is not a MUD(Multi - User - Dungeon/Domain) but is a game that can be played through your browser. It is somewhat like a MUD, but in the past, they havn't offered much of an immersion factor and most times players end up being people who can't really do much else from work, etc. Instead browser based games are things like Legend Arena (which focuses primarily on Player Vs. Player battles) or Rivaled Fate (which is a healthy blend of PVP and NPC battling). There are actually a lot of browser-based game's that are already out there but they are all generic and quite repetitive. If it's already built, why build it again? Simply because it's not built well enough. All these games have the same basic concepts "fight mosnters, level, fight player, level" and then repeat. Of course, some go as far as to add additional features, but most never venture far from the basic setup. I plan on having numerous additions to the basic engine and which will allow a much more immersive feteling, or so I hope. Things such as a detailed mapping system, original crafting system and mining are planned to be available as soon as the game comes out of beta testing. Basic premise behind the game From the most basic sense, you are a nobody who is suddenly caught up in a rising "fevor" to hunt down a beast that is said to have been destroying villages near the outlands. However, the king has sent his best men to combat against the beast but they were all killed. Because of this, a large reward was offered the to anyone who could defeat the beast and bring back some evidence of it's defeat. So, you along with every other able-bodied person is looking to claim the reward for their own. The game picks up after you decide to go after the monster yourself. However, in order to get to the monster there will be numerous quests that you need to perform (IE Kill certain monsters to prove your worth, help NPC's etc) in order to prove your strength in battle. Then you must travel to where the beast is and fight him. As of right now I have numerous idea's of where to have the game turn once the beast is defeated. One idea is to actually just end the game and the proceed by rounds, each lasting however long it takes for a player to defeat the monster. This idea isn't all that favorable to me because I've never really liked the idea of rounds. A second idea was to make the beast unbelievably strong and make it so that only guilds could attack it (Player's can create their own guilds). That way, the combined strength of each player would damage the monster. A third idea was actually to make it so that once a player got to the monster, and killed it, there would be another. At first it would seem confusing, but then you would notice a sort of wormhole, hence allowing the possibility of a massive expansion at that point of an entirely new world with new weapons etc etc. Possible Deadlines When working on the game I decided that once I hit the bare-bones status (Profile, Shop, Battle's) I would pass of primary development to the person incharge of adding content (Items, Skills etc.) Who would (every week or so) pass of the information to the artist that we have on board and between the two they would finish up the rest of the game. Once done, the majority, it would the proceed to go into Closed beta for a few weeks during which the majority of bugs should be ironed out. It would finally go into open beta from there. Bare-bones version complete -> December 18th Art/Content additions complete -> January 27 The deadlines are somewhat flexible, but I would prefer that the bare-bones version did not go through any setbacks. The content/art additions shouldn't need too many setbacks, because I have given permission for them to recruit as many people as them deem necessary.

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