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Swarm AI - Implementation

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Hello together. Well, some words to my project. I am working on a swarm AI that can be used as an opponent AI in a strategy game.I am pretty much through with research and my Agent design is in its final stages. (think of it in terms of military usage, u drop a view AI agents in a hostile environment, they reproduce, gather resources, scout and finally destroy any enemy force that can be found) Next stage, implementation and evaluation. For this project I don't want to create a playable game but a simulation that shows how my strategy game swarm AI works and of course that it works. Creating the framework to test the AI would be very time-consuming which is why I started looking for packages that can be used to implement my system. First choice seems to be the Swarm Development Package by the Swarm Development Group ( One disadvantage is, that it is using Objective C, which I have not worked in yet. I am fine with Cplusplus and a bit of C to some extend but have never worked with objC. Since I intend to finish implementation in 1 1/2 month, I don't know if it is wise or realistic within that time to start using this package. I found a view other packages that are again quite limited in possibilities. If anyone has an idea or knows about decent environments that could be used to implement such an AI, I would be glad for any ideas.

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Original post by darkwolf79
think of it in terms of military usage [...] u drop a view AI agents in a hostile environment, they reproduce,[...])


Ok, getting to your question, Ive used Torque Game Engine as a testbed for my own AI development with great success. If you dont need 3D, Torque Game Builder looks even simpler.

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I did some further research and found some more Agent simulators which I could use to test my swarm AI system.

- Swarm Group Package ( )
- Repast Agent Sim Toolkit ( )
this is pretty much the same system then the first one mentioned, but works in Dotnet (u can use C# as well as managed Cplusplus)
- Starlogo ( )
- Agentsheets ( )

I think I'll go for the Repast System since it gives me many possibilities of observing the behaviour of the swarm and every single agent.
That way I can test the efficiency of my swarm and see if it behaves properly. That way I hope I get a proper AI done that could act as a strong enemy in a strategy game. :)

Lets see... I think I will be able to post some results by end of december or january if anyones interested...


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