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Tile Map Scrolling (sort of)

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I have a quick question to some of the direct x programmers out here. Im working on a game engine that will be essentially a tile engine but instead of drawing a 2d sprite for a tile it will be 3d cubes that are textured. Its a bit different from a traditional tile engine though because the tiles will only make up the non walkable tiles (ground, platforms etc..) and not the entire background. I am just trying to figure out exactly how i am going to do scrolling and was looking for some advice. Should i have a vertex buffer that stores all the different cubes in and render that with a transformation applied to it as it scrolls , or is there a better way? Any help or advice would be appreciated. Sorry if im not clear i havent been using direct x for to long so let me know if you dont understand what im saying lol. Thanks

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