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Yahoo DOS

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Ok I got the code to allow me to change resolutions in DOS. What I am having a problem with is in VC++ 1.52 I can't find a function that is like getvideomode() I think it is in the newer compilers. I would like to get the current videomode so I can store it and when the program exits it restores the old videomode? God I love not knowing! Windows SUCKS! Deal with it! if(windows crashes) { run Linux } else { yea right!! } Resist Windows XP's Invasive Product Activation Technology! Edited by - Mars_999 on March 14, 2001 4:41:06 PM

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well, if you aren't averse to using a little bit of inline assembly...

unsigned short mode;

mov ah,0fh
int 10h
mov mode,ax ;//

forgot to mention, normally you can just go to mode 3, that's the normal dos mode 25x80 characters (or is it 80x25 characters...)

Edited by - arsenius on March 15, 2001 1:50:47 AM

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