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I have programmed a Tile-Engine. Each Tile has a size of 32x32 Pixel. I use an resolution of 640x480x16 ! I use a P1 166 MMX and I get with this Tile-Engine 75 Frames per second! For this Engine I use a tilemap like this. int TileMap[100][100] Each integervalue represent a tilegraphic. Now, I have heard from multi-layer maps, which lokk like this. int TileMap[3][100][100] Question 1: Why I should need multi-layer maps. what are the advantages ?? Question 2: If I blit 3 maps instead of 1 then my Framerate is decreased to 37 FPS! If I will use multi-layerd maps, how can I programm it , that it is faster than only 37 FPS ?? Question 3 (Main Question): How can I programm an ISO-Tile-engine ?? Can I use my homogenous Tile-Engine for that ?? But how can I draw 45 degree viewed Grafiks in a 32x32 sized Tile ?? Do you know a good ISO-Tutorial or a good ISO-Page on the net ?? Can somebody send me his source-code of a ISO-Tile engine ?? HELP,HELP ... I really need help. thank you very much MFG MisterByte (Germany)

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