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oneillci    122
I''m not sure if this is the correct place to ask this question but... I''m very new to DirectX and I want to add some network functionality to my game. I can create the DirectPlay object with CoCreateInstance() but my app is failing at InitializeConnection(). I want the LPVOID parameter to always be an Internet TCP/IP Connection For DirectPlay and I''d like to hard code this (bad I know!). What can I pass in to this LPVOID parameter? Can I cast a string or something to LPVOID? Thanks, Ciaran

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dachande    162
I''m glad that you understand directPlay better than me :-)

Did you learn from the docs?

If I supplied you with an email address would you be able to send me a few of the SDK files? I dont have the speed connection to download even the 45 MB chunks :-(

I just need the .h .lib and sample files ! :-)

Id appreciate it if you, or anyone else for that matter, could send me these files!!

thanks in advance,

§ Dachande §

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