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Changing pixel depths

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I want to change the pixel depth while my program is running. So, Wwat steps must be taken to change the pixel depth after SetPixelFormat has been called and after a rendering context has already been created with a different pixel depth? Do I have to destroy the entire window, or just the delete the render context? I''ve tried both, and the program just crashes.

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You set the pixeldepth of a DEVICE context. SO when you create a rendercontext it grabs the pixeldepht of the device context it''s created on.

Now, _changing_ the pixeldepth of a device context while there is a valid rendercontext is wrong, since when you do that, the rendercontext and the device context have different pixeldepths.

To change it at runtime, you have to delete the rendercontexts present, THEN change the pixeldepth of the device context of the window and THEN re-create the rendercontexts and re-upload all your textures. (that''s why Quake3arena for example re-loads all content when you change the screendepth)

In D3d this is more easier, but in OpenGL its not


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Ah, I read something wrong. I was thinking window, not device context.

This paragraph under SetPixelFormat in the MSDN got my attention:

"If hdc references a window, calling the SetPixelFormat function also changes
the pixel format of the window. Setting the pixel format of a window more than
once can lead to significant complications for the Window Manager and for
multithread applications, so it is not allowed. An application can only set
the pixel format of a window one time. Once a window''s pixel format is set,
it cannot be changed."

But it says "window", not "device context", so I think it is ok.

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Nevertheless, is there a link to demo somewhere which shows how to change
pixel depths while your app is running?

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