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Array of words - Trouble!

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I am trying to create a array of words that I can use as texture names and locations as done in Lesson 6 with NeHe. But all that I know how to do is an array of characters. So lets say that I have the following code: char *FileName; FileName = "Data/Crate.bmp"; And Lets say that I have lots of filenames, lets say 10 in all. And lets say that I want to put each filename in array so that it is easy to access later. How would I go about doing that? Can anyone help? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks! John William Blair

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if you know the max number at compile time, use a static array like this:
char file_names[NUM_WORDS][MAX_CHAR_PER_WORD];

char temp[MAX...]
for(int i=0;i{

but i prefer the STL:

std::vector file_names;
then it can expand dynamically

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