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Money as motivation

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Is it legal to use prize money as a motivation for players to play your game? I know it''s probably one of the cheesiest ways of getting players to play a game, but it is probably also one of the most powerful. And it seems to me that it is the perfect tool to create a tough competition amongst players.

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I would think it would be legal, but you would have to clarify a few things:

1- A time that the prize will be awarded
This sets a limit on the possible lifespan of the game
2- The amount of the prize
If money is what you use for motivation, it must be a relatively large amount of money

I assume your game is probably multiplayer, so there is the problem that the promise of money would attract players that would try to cheat or otherwise destroy the game experience for the money involved.

Overall, I wouldn''t recommend using money as a motivation to have people play your game. If you want publicity and competition, try listing a "Top 50 players" listing on a web site for your game, so that players will compete to be on that list, not just for money.


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Last I checked it was perfectly legal, so long as the competition is fair. As for one of the better ideas, well if you have a good game, it is probably one of your best methods of getting over the initial slump to making people at least try it, and hey of they like it money after that point I do not think will help you out any... if not though, well my best fried has this theory that bad news travels faster then the speed of light.

If you plan on using money to constantly make people play your game, it is not going to work, and will most likely end the game up into finicial problems so you need to know where to pull out and stop.

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I believe Dale Earnhart played for money.

Also, how many web banners have you seen with "Win Money while you play!" Have you ever clicked one?

I suspect the legal issues with this mode of advertising are a complete PITA. Particularly is somebody sais they lost cuz the winner cheated.

Pretty much none of these issues are what I enjoy about the industry.


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