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fully quaternion based 3d game engine

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atarifly_zero    122
hi there, am just writing my first 3D game engine and i''m wondering about the use of quaternions. well, let''s say i hope that i am quite familar with the relevant things for 3d copmuter graphics and now i must make an important decision:
  • use quaternions only for camera and skeletal animations
  • or use the for "nearly everything"
i tending to the second point ! but every one says: no don''t use them for all !! but i never get a real reason why, and IMHO the overhead of the quaternion isn''t that huge. another point i am weird of, is the format i should use to represent the necessary data: well thought of like this:
  • quaternion for rotation (two quaternions can be multiplied as normal)
  • vector for scaling components (the components of the scaling vectors could be mulriplied)
  • vector for translation (the components of the translation vectors could be added)
well, how have you done that ? and if you''re using them ONLY for for camera and skeletal animations, plaese tell me why ? thanks for response

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Jonus    170
Yes i always want to know what the "dark side" of gameprogramming does.

The truth is, there is no truth

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