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Questions about GDI menu system implementation.

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Hello all, I have the design done for a small game development support tool that I have been working on for awhile but have some questions about GDI menu system implementation. I know C/C++/DirectX and many other languages very well but have not done much GDI programming outside of the necessities for programming DirectX (message loops, fonts, SelectObject(...) items etc.) I want my game development tool to use standard GDI controls such as: check boxes, list boxes, child windows, text fields etc.... but do not have much experience programming these types of controls that use GDI I assume. I will also need standard drop down lists like "file", "options", "about" etc. and the use of icons at the top of the program. Can someone lead me to where there are some tutorials on these types of controls, or where to learn how to implement these? Are they difficult to implement? Thank you, Jeremy

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