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Samurai Jack

Enumerating Monitor Name/Caption?

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Greetings! I was wondering how it is possible to figure out the caption of a display monitor. For example I use 2 monitors, one is HP1740 and the other Iiyama Vision 450. The problem is, DirectX gives me values like Display1 and Display2. How am I supposed to know which display is Hp and which Iiyama? I have tried something like this, but nothing returns the desired name. I allways get Device 1 and Device 2.
for (i = 0; i < m_nAdapterCount; i++)
m_pDirect3D->GetAdapterIdentifier(i, 0, &m_pAdapterIdentifier[i]);
HMONITOR hMonitor = m_pDirect3D->GetAdapterMonitor(i);
m_pMonitorInfo[i].cbSize = sizeof(MONITORINFOEX);
GetMonitorInfo(hMonitor, &m_pMonitorInfo[i]);
Thank you in advance!

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Do you actually have the correct drivers for your monitors installed? The three machines in front of me all report similar "Display1" or "Plug and Play Monitor on ..." type information but I use the stock Windows drivers for mine...

I don't think there is any way to retrieve this information directly through DirectX/Direct3D - even 'dxdiag' reports the same unbranded information about outputs.

I would imagine you'll need to focus your research on regular Win32/DDI calls such as GetMonitorInfo().. I ran a quick forum and google search and found a few interesting leads [wink]


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Guest Anonymous Poster

If you goto this web page, at the bottom, there is a utility with source code that correctly displays the monitor information:

Hope this helps.


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