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Hi, 1) Is it possible to buy the normal license and then upgrade to the site license once I get my team into position. This way, if I don''t end up working with a team and instead working solo I wouldn''t have wasted extra money. 2) Is it possible to create 3D studio max environments such as a hotel, ship, etc. and place them on the landscape with players being able to walk into them? I am aware that this can be done by BSP viewer feature thats under development and it sounds really great but I was just wondering if the same can be done with 3D studio max environments. 3) The landscape studio looks very impressive but I was just wondering if you can enter the water areas in the game and allow for people to be able to swim under there or is the water done with a method that won''t allow that. 4) On Land Studio can the sky box be placed very high up so that there is a lot of space to fly around over the land. I''m sorry if the questions ( specially the third and fourth one) sounded dumb but I''m very new to Game Design. I have had experience with C++ programming but not with game design and game engines. Thanks alot for your help

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1) Yes

2) Not automatically. With the old system you have to make a set of convex bounding volumes for the collision to work. The BSP method is much easier and collision is perfect.

3) You can go under the water. I haven''t provided any code for dealing with that though. You''ll probably want different controls for swimming and also change the entire screen color.

4) The skybox is always at an infinite distance. You can fly up as high as you want, but go to high and you''ll see the limits of the terrain or fog the terrain out so nothing is visible.

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Thanks for the fast reply.
So if I buy normal license now for 289 dollars, then later I can pay an extra 510 dollars and upgrade to site license?

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