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Linux & OpenGL/MESA

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Guest Anonymous Poster
Yeah.. i have been looking for the same... it's damn hard to find.. i'm starting to think no one uses linux

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Does anyone here program games/multimedia applications in Linux using OpenGL/MESA?

It seems everything around here is geared towards DX, making it hard to learn OpenGL, let alone OpenGL for Linux.

I was wondering if anyone knew some good sites that had information on programming for Linux and/or programming using OpenGL/MESA in Linux.

Any replies would be greatly appreciated...


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Guest Anonymous Poster
I learnt to program in OpenGL on Win32 (there are lots of tutorials around, try the NeHe site)

Onto Linux, OpenGL and Mesa are pretty much the same, and the only difference is setting up a window to draw to, which is fairly easy to pick up, if you look at the glxdemo.c which is distributed with Mesa (I have Mesa 3.0) in the xdemos directory.

Try that. I also learnt a bit about how the X11 system worked by looking at the XFree86-doc with ghostview:

$ cd /usr/doc

There will be a directory XFree86-doc-6.4.3 (or whatever, change into that)

then go:
$ ghostview &

Go file->open and have a look at the two docs in that directory, they are mainly for reference, but I found them helpful.



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