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URL launched from C++ code (MFC) ? [solved]

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Hi, I'm trying to write a simple app using MFC. All it has to do is: 1. Open an url when button1 is pressed 2. Open word document when button2 is pressed 3. Open powerpoint when button3 is pressed How do I make Windows run something from my code? I tried system() but it launches cmd.exe first and it makes it even harder to do the job. I would like to launch run command (from Start) with a parameter :) Is it possible? Thanks Bartiss I've found it if someone's interested: ShellExecute(NULL,"open","",NULL,NULL,SW_SHOW); ShellExecute(NULL,"open","C:\Program Files\...",NULL,NULL,SW_SHOW); [Edited by - bartiss on December 13, 2006 7:45:34 AM]

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