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[.net] C# MDX car racing game. help required for ODE collision

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hi all, i m developing a car racing game in c# directx. i m using ODE .Net wrapper for physics. it goes well. Help me with Collision. my world is a trimesh and car is a box. i wanna detect collisions but the car is not detecting the world. its falling down due to gravity. i have tried an ODE .Net sample for trimesh collision by replacing the mesh with my world trimesh. but it didnt even work there. what can be the possible reason for my mesh to not work there. both are in .X format. i tried some more meshes replacement but same result. that sample works only for the default "seafloor.x" mesh. help me out guys i m seriously stuck. plz reply as soon as possible cause its my final year project and i have to submit it soon. i will post the code if u want. plz be kind enough to give me code examples. thanku

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