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OpenGL looing for a good book

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im looking for a good book to learn opengl... im at an intermediate level... ive read the books "Beginning opengl gme programming" and "more opengl game programming" and understood most of the information in them.. however there are some things ive been unable to implement due to insufficient information or missing example code... and also id like some information on loading and rendering models... HDR, bloom, shadows and calculating tangents.. which ive never rly understood... i mean when u load a model u usually get only the normals.. do u have to calculate the tangents for each point in a model to be able to render it with proper lighting? so basically what im looking for is a book like "more opengl game programming" but more information on how to implement... id like some assignment after each chapter and in the end of the book id like suggestions and getting started information on some demos u can do based on the book... thx for any suggestion

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