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Quasar - Intron Theory

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Quasar - Intron Theory is a recently launched project to create a game inspired by games such as XCOM Enemy Unknown, the rest of the XCOM series, a wide range of other games, and science-fiction. The story is based on real life events, the main one being the Kerala event (or "Red Rain") which happened in 2001 in India. This is a key feature, which is entwined in the game. From a gameplaying perspective, it is envisaged that the game will play similarly in general to the original XCOM, but there probably will be some deviances. We have a website that has just gone live at http://www.quasaronline.org , and are looking for further support in the form of programmers and artists. Anyone with some relevant experience and dedication is welcome to apply, and we will get back to you as quickly as we can. - The Quasar development team

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Just checked out the website and it looks like things are coming along pretty well..

Just a little advice however.. If possible it would be a good idea to get the ball rolling with regards to the programming.. If your serious about finishing the project which is pretty obvious that you are, your going to have to start making important decisions with regards to how the game is going to be put together..:

- Deciding on the development of the game engine (e.g. building your own or using an existing one)
- Designing extensions to an existing engine (if you choose to go that route) to allow you to setup your toolchain
- Starting as early as possible to begin work on developing the tools necessary to get your assets from the drawing board to the 3D art package and finally into the game engine

I couldn't find any info on the website about whether or not your putting together a complete design document at this stage. If not i'd advise it as it could be the best way to recruit..:

- Design document will encourage concept artists to come
- Concept art will encourage 3D artists to come
- 3D art will encourage programmers to come
- A prototype game engine will encourage everyone else (composers, consumer interest and if its good enough even publisher interest..)

Overall it sounds like the premise for the game is pretty sound and you guys have worked out what you want the game to do.. The website is sweet and the addition of the forum will really come in handy in terms of recruiting and comunicating progress to the community..

I hope you do manage to complete the project and wish you all the best in your endevours..

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Hi ArchangelMorph,

Thank you for the advice. Currently, a design document is being created. A fix idea about a game engine and programming framework/language has not been made yet. But our preference goes out to use wheter XNA or C++/C#. As for the game engine, Ogre seems to be the best choice when applying for C++. We're still informing about this technical area.

From a textual and audiovisual perspective, the base of the game will be created by the current team members. So that aspect should be covered for the most part already.

Do you happen to know any good (non-marketing influenced) resources about frameworks and engines?

all the best,


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