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A question on 3d with isometric view

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I've been playing around with trying to get a true isometric view using opengl. I did a little research on it and ended up using what wikipedia had said on the subject:
For objects with surfaces that are substantially perpendicular to and/or parallel with one another, it corresponds to rotation of the object or camera by approximately +/- 35.264° [= arcsin(tan(30°))] about the horizontal axis, followed by rotation of +/- 45° about the vertical axis starting from an orthographic projection relative to an object's face (a perpendicular view to a face of an object).
So I did exactly that and made 3 faces of a cube(the front, top, and left) after rotating exaclty as it said there. What I got was this. While I wanted something similar to this Am I just doing it wrong, or am I completely forgetting about something.

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