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minimise problem

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Hi all. I'm developing fullscreen application on two monitors. On one monitor program runs in fullscreen on second there is visual studio. So when I press alt tab to activate some other application my fullscreen window goes down minimised. That problem started when I started to use peek, translate dispatch message (since that program runned in his own loop), I uncommented some lines and I realize that peekmessage activate the problem. I traced down messages winproc handles that caused the problem: WM_NCCALCSIZE WM_NCCALCSIZE WM_NCCALCSIZE WM_CANCELMODE WM_NCACTIVATE WM_ACTIVATE WM_DISPLAYCHANGE WM_ACTIVATEAPP I tried to return 1 instead of return DefWindowProc( hWnd, msg, wParam, lParam ); on these win messages but that didn't work. How can I prevent window minimising itself? Thanx in advance

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