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whats the DirectX 8 version of d3dx9anim.h?

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So I've got a pretty short program for DirectX9, and I need to convert it to DirectX 8. One of the include files I had was for d3dx9anim.h. I'm using some AllocateHierarchy stuff from it. But apparently, there's no such thing as d3dx8anim.h. What file should I replace d3dx9anim.h with, assuming a suitable replacement even exists? Edit: I forgot a title, lol. [Edited by - Swarmer on December 14, 2006 10:57:40 PM]

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D3DX was much, much smaller back in the D3D8 days. There were no animation interfaces then. So unfortunately, you are going to have to find an alternative. Here are a few that I normally recommend:

- Collada
- Cal3D
- Animadead
- MD5
- Milkshape (MS3D)

There is also this article (.X without D3DX).

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