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Bluetooth, Socket Programming and ClassInfo

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first i need to admit that im following the trend of people hacking their wiimotes. now that i have that out of the ive been teaching myself bluetooth and adding to my socket programming knowledge. im trying to get the class of bluetooth device which is unique between device types. for example, 2 of my wiimotes give the same class number and my cell phone gives a different code. i could find it using microsoft's function BluetoothGetDeviceInfo() which would return the class ID. im also using the WSA API to communicate. personally i dont want to mix APIs because it gets VERY difficult to use data between the classes and functions. i want to stick with WSA because it has more functionality. the bluetooth functions are what you get from your control panel options (i think). i have not found an easy way (or any working way) to get the class ID in WSA. im simply trying to distinguish between wiimotes and other bluetooth devices. i dont want my final app connecting to devices that are not wiimotes. can anybody point me in the right direction? thanks alot!

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