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[.net] Security Exception Problem

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Synex    170
Hey guys, I'm having a problem with .NET applications that i write for Windows. They compile and run ok on my machine, but when i try running them on any other machine, even those on my network - it throws a SecurityException because the code is not trusted. Anyone know how to get round this problem? Or some walkthroughs about .NET code security that would solve it? Cheers Synex

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BradSnobar    232
The post above is true for all practical purposes, but I just wanted to point out a distinction here. You can run .net code across the network (ie. from a share), but only if it does not try to do anything that needs security privelages.

The typical offender here is reading and writing a file.

Here are a few workarounds.

* You can change the caspool to help with this problem (give execute permission to that assembly). There is also a machine level configuration for this. You'll need to be using signed assemblies.

* You can create a client server relationship to help with this problem.

* Use a little bit of native code as a wrapper.

I'm sure that there is a better solution out there, but as yet I have not found it. If you find it, please post it.

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