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gluUnproject, idiot inside

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Hello people, I've another problem with my app. Sorry I'm at work and I've no code, but I try to explain in better way. I'm trying to use gluUnproject (I've read the article on NeHe site) so I've my code like this:

main loop
   check MousePos
end main loop

in drawing function, I've this stuff:

   get matrix
end draw

Note that draw and write are pushin' and poppin' matrix... the check mouse are the same nehe code. Now, the problem: I don't know if I've to use glOrtho for gluUnproject, but I'm trying to draw a triangle with topper vertex following the cursor; but I've this problem: Image Hosted by Image Hosted by When the mouse pointer (red) are in the triangle area (blue) the vertex follow the pointer, but there's a triangle (yellow) that flip on it. If I move the mouse, the blue real triangle became idiot, and doesn't follow my pointer! bof, if someone could help...Tonight I'll post code and snapshot of app!!! Thanks

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