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boost.signals debug linking

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Hi, For you fellow boosties: I'm using Boost.Signals in my project, MSVC .NET 7. Now, the Boost.Signals auto links to libboost_signals-vc7-mt-gd-1_33_1.lib when I compile in Debug mode. However when I want to run the Debugger, I immediately halt on some boost related code, an unhandled exception. Obviously this is interfering with being able to debug my own software. So my idea was to try and force it to link to Boost.Signals non-debug library, libboost_signals-vc7-mt-1_33_1.lib, which is what it does automatically in Release mode. So my question is, how can I do this? I guess I want to disable Boosts auto linking, and manually specify the library to link to. Thanks, Metrix

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Linking with the release libraries is treating the symptoms, not the cause. If you could describe nature of the exception, perhaps we could help you solve the underlying problem.

As it only fails using the debug library, I assume it's an assertion failure?

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Be glad to:

It seems that if I place a breakpoint in any function that
serves as a slot, I get the following behavior:

This comes up as a popup: Unhandled exception at 0x00482236 in test.exe: 0xC0000005: Access violation reading location 0xfeeeff16.

And then it breaks in named_slot_map.cpp on line 104 (The line
marked with the ***):

named_slot_map::insert(const stored_group& name, const connection& con,
const any& slot, connect_position at)
group_iterator group;
if (name.empty()) {
switch (at) {
case at_front: group = groups.begin(); break;
***case at_back: group = back; break;***
} else {
group = groups.find(name);

And the call stack:

test.exe!boost::signals::detail::named_slot_map::insert(const boost::signals::detail::stored_group & name={...}, const boost::signals::connection & con={...}, const boost::any & slot={...}, boost::signals::connect_position at=at_back) Line 104 + 0x6 C++

Its this same behavior every time.

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