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int01h    116
Hello everyone, does anyone know where can i find a small and flexible MD5 parsing / loading class that supports anim / mesh / textures ? I've been looking around on google but found some COMBOS with viewers, and so on - just looking for something that parses md5mesh, anim and loads textures With best regards, Ben.

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joanusdmentia    1060
Original post by int01h
Not so usefull as there is no textures loading procedure.

Does anyone know something more handy ?

That's probably because the MD5 format has nothing to do with textures, it specifies a skeletal mesh and animations. Look at the common image libraries for loading textures.

BTW, I've also got an MD5 parser (both .md5mesh and .md5anim) that only depends on boost::spirit, although from memory it produces some very bloated executable code. Writing it was my way of toying with boost::spirit, so while it does work I make no guarenttees that it's using boost::spirit correctly.

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