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Malloc Prob

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Righty, I am trying to load a bitmap and I want to allocate it some memory for the actual bitmap bits.

    GLubyte          *bits;

    bits = malloc(bitsize);
	if (bits == NULL)
        // Couldn't allocate memory - return NULL

        return (NULL);

The error I'm getting in (VC++ 6.0) is: "error C2440: '=' : cannot convert from 'void *' to 'unsigned char *' Conversion from 'void*' to pointer to non-'void' requires an explicit cast" Now the declaration of malloc is void malloc(...) but in the example in the help file it shows malloc being used for allocating memory to a pointer to a character i.e:

   char *string;

   /* Allocate space for a path name */
   string = malloc( _MAX_PATH );
   if( string == NULL )
      printf( "Insufficient memory available\n" );

Any ideas - they will be much appreciated! Max Edited by - sckoobs on March 17, 2001 8:43:12 AM

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remember that even though your program looks like a C program, you are still compiling it with a C++ compiler, and C++ is more picky about types than C

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