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Visual Studio and CVS

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tvanhens    122
Is it possible to incorperate the these two systems (CVS and Visual Studio). I Can't find any good examples on google. Or, are there better options for version control?

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Xai    1838
There used to be a product, igloo or something ... but it was never very finished and is ancient now ... there have been many come and gone.

If you are using this with work that MUST use CVS, I'd try the above and hope it works well. But really, when I used to use CVS and visual studio I never used the integration, and never ever missed it. Since CVS does not use a locking model, there is no need for your tool to be able to "check out" files. You can just edit files in VS without any source control binding at all. Then use the myriad of good CVS tools to do the CVS stuff (cvsnt, TortoiseCVS, WinCVS, ...) There is really a near zero gain by tool integration (since your source control system also usually manages files outside of visual studio anyway (art resources, documentation).

However, If it is your personal use and you have some flexibility I would highly recommend subversion (SVN) as a simple replacement for CVS. It is a very very mature product with many advantages over CVS, created largely by about half of the main CVS development people. It has the same great level of tool support (a great command line client, TortoiseSVN, RapidSVN, eclipse plugins ...).

Also, the Visual Studio plugin for SVN (AnhkSVN) was written by a frequent gamedev poster (Arild Fines) and is quite good. My previous place of employment finally dumped Visual SourceSafe for SVN and adopted AnhkSVN as their primary source control tool.

Me personally, I still prefer non-integrated choices due to the flexibility to use 1 standard tool for any conceivable project (although I use 2, the command line and shell plugin).

Good luck.

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