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Binary File Output?

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hello there, can anybody help me with writing some data into a binary file? here is the code i use:
        ofstream File;
	int StartPos[3];
	x=20,y=15;"map.dat",ios::out | ios::binary);

	File.write((char*)StartPos, sizeof(StartPos));
	File.write((char*)x, sizeof(x));
	File.write((char*)y, sizeof(y));
	File.write((char*)map, sizeof(map));
	File.write((char*)StartPos, sizeof(StartPos));
without the x and y datas it works, but with them, there is an error in the function ''streambuf::xsputn''. Hope you can help me.

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While I''m not familiar with the C++ File IO methods, I suspect your problem is that it expects a pointer, you can''t cast a non-pointer into a pointer like you have:

(char *)x

you would have to go:

(char *)&x

but in those function calls, you could probably get away with:


as the parameter.


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