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Book Of DM139 Chapter 3: Let's ride!

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OK, here''s another thing drifting through my mind. What about transportation? This isn''t a big topic, but shouldn''t there be better ways of getting around the world than walking (the traditional method). Such as caravans, horses, etc. For instance, I thought of putting in a large reptilian creature in GDTU that can be ridden like a horse. In FF8, there were the trains you could travel on. In Exile III, there were horses. So why can''t we have things like that? Or in modern to futuristic RPGs, airship, trains, planes, etc. Any thoughts? - DarkMage139 (Neokatana Software) GDT Underground Info Release Date: "When hell freezes over" (a.k.a. A very long time from now) Genre: Action/Adventure Platform: Windows 98, OpenGL and DirectX Status: [working on the engine] l337ness: TOTALLY l337

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Metros and trains would be really great. Imagine having a fight inside a moving metro, that''d be something.

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better yet, imagine throwing your enemy infront of the moving metro..

Edited by - C-Junkie on March 18, 2001 12:47:35 PM

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Pirate ships that can reach anywhere fast, go past naval blocades, etc., should make the outlaws happy.
If you have money, and need to get somewhere fast, you can use horse renting posts, so you can tire a horse to the next post and then change it.
Ride the Shai Hulud.
If you live in Kansas, cast tornado.
Enter a barrel and have someone toss you in the river. Or make someone enter a barrel (or else), and toss him in the river.
If you know the Resurect spell, get yourself killed and come back somewhere else.
Zeppelin-like Air ships.
Gliders, especially usefull for ninja/thief attacks.
Catapult yourself over rivers, walls, etc.
Go through the caves to the middle of the earth and come out on the other side.
Polymorph to a giant and run 50 times faster.
Polymorph to a fly and let the winds carry you.
Polymorph to a giant frog, or ride a giant frog.
If you are a fire creature (highest level of fire resistance, cannot also be water creature, etc.), talk to the volcano god, enter a volcano to be erupted out of another
Dreams. A spell could allow you to wake up out of a dream not in your bed, but at the dream scene. This is dangerous stuff, as you might accidentally wake up in a bad (evil, nightmarish, hell) spot... Dream of waking up in a grave. Let the player cast light/light a match, be horrified, (if singleplayer) remember that he didn''t save the game. Then let him wake up again in his bed... just a dream.
Destroy the Dam and surf the wave.
Cast Giant Meteor at sea and surf the wave.
Cast Earthquake at sea and surf the wave (easier if you are in a strong ship).
Dual spell that enables two wizards of the same guild / circle / protector god switch locations.
Strange shortcuts that act like portals / worm holes : Enter secret cave, walk 50 meters and come out 50 km away.
For really powerfull wizards : Switch the locations of two entire cities. lol at all the pitiful confused PC''s/NPC''s.
Floating islands.
Glaciers. Cast Freeze from time to time to stop it from melting / fly by a looser on a glacier hoping to get home and cast FireBall.
Flying rugs.
Dwarven flying machine.
Get the Marsh King to like/owe you, sink in the marsh, and ask him to send you back up in another marsh.
Get eaten by certain monsters, and make them heave you out later by burning something inside ''em, or using some potion.
THE BROOM, dont forget the broom. I''d love to see witches dog fight on brooms.
Polymorph into a goldfish while standing on the kitchen sink (yes, I just HAD to add this too). Who knows where you will come out ?

That''s all I could come up with. I''m outta here. Beam me up, Scotty !

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Guest Anonymous Poster
In the case of your Reptilian Unit, how about:


While you are riding it, some of your stats (movement speed, and perhaps attack) are replaced by the Creature''s, and its x,y position is locked to yours. Then, when you either dismount or the creature dies, your stats are restored.

If you have something like a carriage, then make it a moveable container, and make your unit a item of the container. Then when it comes time to move your player, simply check if it is contained, and if it is, move the carriage instead.

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