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String Woes

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I was just reading up on that. cin.getLine(string str) will get you a whole line of text. In fact, so will cin.get(char *str, int numChars) will get you <= numChars from the input stream. In that case you'd normally use 80 for numChars (80's the width of a normal dos window).
As far as STL stream documentation goes it is pretty scarce on my compiler help file system, and for that matter, in a lot of on-line STL tutorials/guides. Someone had a link in a previous post to the pre-print Thinking In C++ 2nd edition book that's in PDF format. I'm imagining that contains a lot of good reference of both STL and streams.

BTW, STL's pretty cool once you get the hang of it.


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Look at my code for an echo program...


void hello(char* Super)
for(int index = 0;index<256;index++)

void main()
char* Super;
Super = new char[256];
memset (Super,32,sizeof(char)*256);
cout<<"Input somethin fo my ass to repeat\n:";
delete Super;

Everything works, except when the user types in spaces(null terminators or something...) How do I make it work if for example the user inputed: "Yo, wassup my main man?"


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