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Have a look at my game

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Guys, I''m in the process of making a game, you can look at it here: www.cse.unsw.edu.au/~deanh/war-worlds/. It''s currently at the point where I''m wondering if there''s much point going on with it. I''ve learnt a lot, and I think I would benefit from moving on, and starting something new (for example I''ve always want to try a portal + BSP renderer) Do people think something like this is worth persuing? I mean, if I was to continue, I''d have to now start work on a map editor, which while not particularly difficult, suffers a bit from being quite boring (IMO) to actually code. I think the stage I''m at now is good enough to show people that I can at least make something. Any suggestions are welcome, Dean.

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I''m currently downloading it.
Hm, I suggest going through with it and completing it. An incomplete game is no game. The hardest part of making a game is finishing it, and if you can do that it means much more than being able to write a BSP engine.
My 0.02€

- JQ
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