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Distributing a MS Access MDB

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Hi, I''m considering using a MS Access MDB database to store the data for my game due to the complexity of writing my own database management system from scratch. I was wondering if users who don''t have MS Access installed are able to use my game, or would they have to have Access installed? Or is there some sort of runtime DLLs that can be distributed? I''m considering using either ADO or DAO as the API to access the MDB file. Currently, I''m leaning towards ADO since it is multithread safe and DAO isn''t part of the UDA (Universal Data Access) scheme of things. Thanks in advance! Rcode.

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It''s true that you don''t need users to have Access installed. However, you do need them to have the correct data access components installed.

Redistributing these files yourself can be a real problem. There are all sorts of system file dependencies and registry entries that need to be taken into account. It''s not just a case of copying a few files into the target system directory. If you screw this up you could stop other programs from working on target machines.

I''d suggest using some kind of package and deployment tool to create your setup program, or distributing the data access stuff separately. MDAC_TYP.EXE is a setup program for the redistributable parts of the Microsoft Data Access Components. It''s quite large (about 8 meg) but will ensure that all the necessary ADO and Jet components are correctly installed.

Search MSDN for "ADO redistribute" and you''ll find all the info you need.

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