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Converting Bitmaps

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This bitmap converting stuff is really perplexing me. I''m trying to convert a 24-bit bitmap buffer to a 32-bit bitmap buffer, but the output is horribly distorted. Here''s the code I have so far:

CImage::Convert24To32 (	UCHAR* uchBuffer_,
						UINT* uiBuffer_,
						const unsigned int c_uiWidth_,
						const unsigned int c_uiHeight_)
	// temporary colour holders, speed things up and make

	// the code more readable

	UCHAR	uchBlue,

	// convert each pixel in the buffer to 16-bit

	for (unsigned int y = 0; y < c_uiHeight_; y++)
		for (unsigned int x = 0; x < c_uiWidth_; x ++)
			// as always, the colours are stored backwards.

			// extract them

			uchBlue		= uchBuffer_[3*(x + y * c_uiWidth_)];

			uchGreen	= uchBuffer_[3*(x + y * c_uiWidth_) + 1];

			uchRed		= uchBuffer_[3*(x + y * c_uiWidth_) + 2];

			// construct the 32-bit value at the correct

			// address in the 32-bit buffer

			uiBuffer_[(x + y * c_uiWidth_)] = (UINT)RGB_32(0, uchRed, uchGreen, uchBlue);

Obviously un-optimised. Note that I am trying to convert bitmap buffers here, not video buffers (essentially the same except for video pitch). I copy the resulting buffer to the display using tested functions, so that''s not the problem. I don''t want to use the Windows utility functions, because then you don''t learn anything! Thanks for your help. The_Minister 1C3-D3M0N Interactive

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Without reading your code my first guess would be that you forgot that every line in a bitmap is dword aligned...

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The bitmap I am testing is 128 by 128... widely used multiples of 8, 16 and 32. But that would only make a difference once copied to the display and is a requirement of DirectX, not of bitmaps. It should still display something that remotely resembles the initial picture.

Please take a closer look at my code. I''ve been trying to solve this since the beginning of the month and I''m no closer.

1C3-D3M0N Interactive

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