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OpenGL Error With glDrawElements

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Hi The Error is that I can not run a application using glDrawElements using my opengl base code (which is quite closely derived from the NeHe base code), This code compiles fine. But when running the app, there is a error message displayed, The "/P" command-line switch must be followed by a PID (Process ID). A nice error that I have had before, the last time it was a Direct X8 error, and a installation of the latest graphics card driver''s fixed it. (I have a Voodoo 5 5500). I do realise that the glDrawElements function is for the OpenGL 1.1 and greater implementations, so I presume that my lib''s are out of date. I also tried the same code but instead of using my OpenGL base code I used GLut and everything ran fine! Form this I presume that my OpenGL lib''s and include files are of OpenGL version 1, so my question is were can I download either the OpenGL Version 1.1 or 1.2 sdk files for Windows and Visual C++ 6 Thanks in advance 3DG

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I am being stupid. Obviously I would get a compilation error if the problem was my lib and include''s, it is strange. I can run the exact same code but with a few changes and using the glArrayElements and all works fine. But again trying to use a OpenGL 1.1 function glDrawArrays gives a error.

Any thoughts would be very helpful.

Again Thanks In Advance 3DG

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