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Doing a flip (part 2)

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Ok I think I better explain my problem a little more I set up a primary surface with a back surface useing the code indicated below, I do error checking and everything with the creation of the surfaces go ok. Then to test if this worked I do a memory fill of the back surfaces with the color blue, then when I call while (FAILED(lpDDSurfacePrimary->Flip(NULL, DDFLIP_WAIT))); I see black, the no errors with the flip but it does not display a blue screen, then I do a memory fill to the primary surface (for testing purposes) and it works and I have a nice blue screen. The problem is the back surface must not be getting linked to the primary surface and I don't know why. Surfaces Init code:

	// we need to let dd know that we want a complex 

	// flippable surface structure, set flags for that

	ddSurfaceDesc.dwBackBufferCount = 1;

	// set the backbuffer count to 1, 2 for triple bufferin

	// create the primary surface

	if (FAILED(lpMainDD->CreateSurface(&ddSurfaceDesc,&lpDDSurfacePrimary,NULL)))
		return -1;

	ddSurfaceDesc.ddsCaps.dwCaps = DDSCAPS_BACKBUFFER;
	if (FAILED(lpDDSurfacePrimary->GetAttachedSurface(&ddSurfaceDesc.ddsCaps,&lpDDBackSurface)))
		return -1;
If anyone can see what i can not I would be very happy and thank you a million times. Edited by - Nullio on March 18, 2001 5:53:01 PM

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