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Using the blitter

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Everything is worth doing if all you're trying to do is learn. No matter what you do, you're learning the concepts needed to be a professional. Anyone who thinks that knowing DX is all they need to get a good job is in for a big surprise. There are many necessary skills needed, and software design is a big one that is often overlooked, and generally only gotten through experience.

Its good to know the details of what APIs do, and it will show that you're more versatile and have the skills to put together a game engine, which is still needed for just about every game. Go for it. Professionals don't usually use software engines anymore (although I'm not saying that's always a good thing), but you'll pick up many more needed skills, and they are well aware of that.


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When I grow up, I think I am going to try for a job making console games, instead of PC games. Would is be wiser to use a bunch of DirectX specific stuff, (specifically the blitter) or to write my own stuff. For the project I'm working on now, I was thinking that maybe instead of using the blitter, I could write my own bitmap loading a drawing functions, but I just wanted to know if there would be any point in that?


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