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I have been messing around w/ trying to get OpenGL to run my scene in a 16:9 widescreen mode but its not working like i hoped. What i did was put 16.0f/9.0f in the aspect part of the gluPerspective function of course to get the aspect part correct. Then i knew i needed to use a diff res than what we are all used to running at (this is all in fullscreen BTW). So i decided i want the horazontal pixel size to be 1024, and after some quick simple math, i figured out i needed the vertical to be 576. Ok so now i have the aspect of 16/9 in gluPerspective and my res of 1024x576 in glViewport and even though it does show every thing somewhat correct, its not like i hoped. I wanted two black bars, one on top of the screen and the other on the bottom, just like when you view a 16:9 movie on a regualr tv. But instead i got one fat black bar on the top of the screen and my scene (which right now is just a spinning triangle ) is all underneeth it. How would i go about setting up the projection matrix to project my scene where it looks like a widescreen movie on a tv? Also i dont just want to do a quick hack and draw two black quads on the screen to simulate this either. I hope this is possible to do. -SirKnight

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