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Camera Control HELP!!

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Well I have got my camera control to work but sometimes it just messes up completely .. .I can''t imagine what is wrong? I am just trying to move the camera in 2D space ( i.e x & Z plane). I will add the Y later. Help me please!! void CameraControl() { static float ceyex=0,ceyez=5.0f; // eye point static float ctargetx=0,ctargetz=0; // target point static float cincx=0,cincz=0; // present looking direction vector incrementer static int theta = 0; // angle of facing .. const float vel = 0.1f; // velocity of movement const int dist = 5; // dist between eye and target cam.SetEyePoint(ceyex,0.0f,ceyez); cam.SetTargetPoint(ctargetx,0.0f,ctargetz); cam.UseCamera(g_pd3dDevice); cam.CameraTransform(g_pd3dDevice); ceyex = ctargetx + dist*(float)cos(theta * 0.017f); ceyez = ctargetz + dist*(float)sin(theta * 0.017f); cincx = vel * (float)cos (theta * 0.017f); cincz = vel * (float)sin (theta * 0.017f); if (keys.KBInput(DIK_LEFT) == TRUE) { theta--; } if (keys.KBInput(DIK_RIGHT) == TRUE) { theta++; } if (keys.KBInput(DIK_DOWN) == TRUE) { ceyex +=cincx; ceyez +=cincz; ctargetx +=cincx; ctargetz +=cincz; } if (keys.KBInput(DIK_UP) == TRUE) { ceyex -=cincx; ceyez -=cincz; ctargetx -=cincx; ctargetz -=cincz; } }

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