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glTranslatef(float, float, float);

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jwblair    122
gltranslate() just resets the originof your drawing.

So if you have your origin at (0,0,0) then do gltranslate(1,1,1) then your new origin is at 1,1,1 - but you can use it as 0,0,0

Please sea leson 2 for more details.

Also to move the camera - see leson 10 - but I dont like the way that they do it...

Please look here for the camera is called gluLookAt()...

But I cant get it to must use the projection matrix and the modelview matrix together..and since I am a newbie at opengl...I dont have a clue yet...but I am doing the research...

I will post my findings later..


John William Blair

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