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Center of a triangle

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You just add the vertices together and divide by three...


// v1, v2 and v3 are the vertices.

Vertex center;

center.x = (v1.x + v2.x + v3.x) * 0.3333333;
center.y = (v1.y + v2.y + v3.y) * 0.3333333;
center.z = (v1.z + v2.z + v3.z) * 0.3333333;

but if you are just sorting them based on their center points, you don''t have to do the multiplly.

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There are quite a selection of "centers of triangles"...

Taking the average of the x values and the average of the y values will only give you the center of gravity of the three corners. If you want the center of gravity of the triangle, you''ll need some more work. It''s at the point where the lines joining corners to the midpoint of the opposite sides all meet - but I can''t be bothered to do the math right now.

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