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Win2k and DOS?

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Ok, it looks like a lot of people here use Win2k. I would like to know if I can code DOS programs and run them in Win2k? I will be using VC++ 1.52 to develop the software. If DOS is not native in Win2k could I use a boot disk or some other way that will be faster to test the code in Win2k than rebooting all the time? Also how is everyone''s stability on Win2k? I have had it with Win98 Win98SE, and Win ME looking for a less problem prone OS. Windows SUCKS! Deal with it! if(windows crashes) { run Linux } else { yea right!! } Resist Windows XP''s Invasive Product Activation Technology!

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Win2k has very limited DOS support. It doesn''t like direct hardware access ... programs that use DMA or VESA won''t run. Console apps will, though, and so will standard VGA apps. If that is what you are planning on coding, it will do fine. If not, you can use a boot disk, or a program such as VMware. As for stability, I will just say that my 2k box hasn''t crashed in about a year.

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