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FREE 2D sprite maker available.

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I just finished writing one for myself that should do most things you need and can even animate the sprites at different speeds and in different patterns. The program outputs in .gif .png. and .jpg. If you want to see some screens go here: http// for a description as well as the download(and some of my other projects) go here: or a direct download at there is one downside to this though... I'm a java developer and this is written in java. So in order to run it you will need the java runtime which can be downloaded from or here is a direct link download java. If you have an old version it may not run, I would get some 1.4.2_0X version. e-mail me at for any problems or even requests for features If you are having trouble getting it to run your 'path' environment variable may not be set. Since its kind of a pain to run this thing, if there is any interest in it I will come up with a way to have it run through an installer etc. so you don't have to deal with it.

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