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D3D8 & Fog, my problem...

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Hi All First say that i am a Spanish boy and my English control is bad, sorry for all faults My Question:.... I''m a newbie programmer of D3D 8.0 API, i''m trying to use Fog with it.... the fog i want is the fog of the games displayed at the end of the view distance, to difumine the object draw.... I''m not sure to use Vertex or Pixel Fog and i test all two types and the Fog is over all objects... have someone any tutorial or can someone tell me how can i use the Fog?? Very thanks to all, and sorry for my english use for now )

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Andrew Russell    1394
OK, I don''t know if I understand your question, becauese of you english.

If your question was about how to use the fog in Direct 3D, I am sorry, I don''t actualy know, I would read the SDK, prehaps that may help.

If your question is about which type of fog is which, well per-pixel is just that, for every pixel on the screen, it is given an ammount of fog.. per-vertex is also just that, each vertex has a color, and the furthur the vertex from the viewer, the more of the fog colour is applied to the vertex.

I do hope I have helped.

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