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Stopping multiple app instances

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Assuming Visual C++/Windows

// at the start of your program, put this once, in one file

// with the other global variables.

#pragma data_seg( "SHARESEC" )
volatile bool g_bAlreadyLoaded = false;
#pragma comment( linker, "/SECTION:SHARESEC,RWS" )
#pragma data_seg()

int WINAPI WinMain( HINSTANCE hThisInst, HINSTANCE hPrevInst, LPSTR lpszArgs, int nWinMode )
// if application already running, show an error

// and exit with -1 return code

if (g_bAlreadyLoaded)
MyError( "Application is already running!!" );
return -1;
g_bAlreadyLoaded = true;

... do rest of application here ...

The #pragmas tell the compiler/linker that the variables in the block of memory between them should be shared between all instances of the exe (usually each time its loaded, the globals get re-initialised for each instance).

The volatile is to prevent the compiler from trying to optimise the variable or turn it into a constant or anything else which may stop it working in the shared section.

Simon O''''Connor
Creative Asylum Ltd

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In VB that''s simple:

if app.previnstance=true then
msgbox app.name & " is already running"
end if

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