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Quality 3DS Loaders

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Does anyone know where to find some decent code for loading 3ds max files? Most of the stuff I''ve seen either doesn''t work or you have to include >20 different headers and you end up spending more time figuring out how to use them than it would take to write your own (It''s like looking at the source for quake...does anyone actually like when stuff has tons of separate files like that?). I''d ideally like to retrieve texture coords, normals, diffuse, specular, and (x,y,z) data. The (x,y,z) coords. are really the only stuff I can''t get by without though. Thanks Everyone, --atreyu P.S. does 3ds save it''s vertex coords in a tesselated way or do I have to compute the triangles myself? or is there an option to store everything as triangle data?

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Its not exactly what you are looking for, but you can download the .X file exporter for Max and Maya below, so that you can work with the .X files instead of 3DS files.

If you want documentation on the 3DS file format it should be in the MAX SDK, which is an optional install on 3D Studio. Try reinstalling and selecting custom install and checking the MAX SDK option.

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