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2D circle physics with gravity...stability problems, help?

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I used the Gamasutra "Pool Hall Lessons" [1] article to develop a nice, working collision prediction/response system for my 2D colliding-discs game. So far, so good: I predict the next collision, run the simulation to that time, process the collision, find the next, run to it, repeat repeat repeat. The problem comes when I introduce gravity. Predicting the collisions is still no trouble: the same movement equations for disc-to-disc collisions work fine since they are all accelerating uniformly. Collisions with stationary walls are only trivially harder since you have to solve a quadratic. The real problem is stability. Once the balls start stacking up on the floor, the collision rate increases exponentially and my engine chokes. I've tried a couple of schemes for detecting when a disc is "stable" and dropping it out of the simulation until it gets hit, but I can't seem to make it work. Does anyone know of some good methods? 1 -

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This is the algorithm that i use to deactivate and activate things:
deactivate an object when it stays in the same position and rotation(with in a threshold) for a certain amount of time. In addition, i only deactivate something if there's an object that's touching it and under it that's also deactivated (the floor starts as deactivated and stays that way)

activate an object if it's linear or anguler speed goes above a certain threshold. then recursivly activate all the objects touching this one whose COM is above the current objects COM.

EDIT: this is similer to MrRowls algorithm in JigLib (google for it to get some great tips for making a physics engine.)

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