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BMfont binary format

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I have some problems reading the info block (using BMfont 1.8b) of the binary format. The rest of the file works great. Perhaps I don't understand the layout, or is it out of sync with the documentation? Anyway these are the values I get for example, excluding the string on the end and blocksize at the begin: 32, 194, 0, 100, 0, 4, 0, 0, 0, 1, 1 All are bytes, except the first and eight number, these are WORD. I count 15 vars in the spec, some are missing here. I also expected stretchH, which should be the 8th number, to be 100. This is this specified layout. One more question, what do these ':4' and ':1' mean? #pragma pack(1) struct infoBlock { int blockSize; WORD fontSize; BYTE reserved:4; BYTE bold :1; BYTE italic :1; BYTE unicode :1; BYTE smooth :1; BYTE charSet; WORD stretchH; BYTE aa; BYTE paddingUp; BYTE paddingRight; BYTE paddingDown; BYTE paddingLeft; BYTE spacingHoriz; BYTE spacingVert; char fontName[1]; };

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I probably need to clarify the file format specs a bit in the manual.

The info block looks like this:

4 bytes : size of block
2 bytes : font size
1 byte : bitmask with flags for bold, italic, unicode, and smooth
1 byte : charset (not used if unicode)
2 bytes : horizontal stretch
1 byte : super sampling level (1 to 4)
4 bytes : padding, up, right, down, left
2 bytes : spacing, horizontal, vertical
n bytes : null terminated string with the name of the font

The :4 and :1 after some of the variables are C++ syntax for specifying how many bits the variable take up. These variables get packed into a single byte.


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