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Assignment due Monday, Jan 29

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Chapters 1 through 3 discuss a variety of topics that I will be creating individual threads to address, with exercises to match, but I wanted to get people drawing as soon as possible. Rather than a linear approach through the chapters, the workshop will focus on drawing, retracing material in the preceding chapters to discuss why participants may be experiencing difficulty achieving a specific goal in their work. The first exercise of Chapter 4 is to complete the figures below, creating the face/vase duality. For left-handers:
For right-handers:
Due date: Monday, January 29, 2007. Please post your images to your participation threads, and post any questions pertaining to the assignment here.

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Big B:

Good job. There are some asymmetric portions, such as the chin, the line of the nose and the top of the forehead, but overall it's a good drawing and it retains the face-or-vase quality.


Similarly, while the overall bent of the drawing was preserved, there are minor areas where the symmetry falters.

Don't worry if the solutions that you found differ from hers. I consider a lot of her cognitive psychology to be off the mark. Ultimately, we're interested in results, and if you can generate a good drawing and show steady improvement, then whatever you are doing is working.

I should note that, when very focused and locked in on drawing, sometimes you can not really perceive the overall state of the drawing. In one or two particularly egregious cases, I have completed drawings in "R-mode" only to review them later in "L-mode" and spot errors all over the place. The same is likely to be the case for this drawing.

Here's another interesting thing: when viewing the face-or-vase drawing in the textbook, I really can see either the face or the vase depending on "perspective." When viewing the halves I prepared above, however, I only see the faces. I actually have to make an effort to see half of the vase. That may be an interesting comment on "global perception."

Next lesson coming soon.

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