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Multiple Vertices and Texturing

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I'm making the switch over to 3D from programming 2D (I was using D3D anyway) and was wondering what the best way to draw a cube with different textures was. Currently I'm drawing an untextured cube with a vertex buffer and an index buffer and I use 8 vertices to describe my cube. 8 is obviously the optimum number of vertices but what happens when each side requires a different texture? Each vertex can only hold one set of UV data but the vertex will be shared by 3 different faces which will probably each need different UV data. Do I need to describe 24 vertices (4 vertices * 6 faces)? The texture I will use will probably be a texture map so that the UV data for each face will read something like - FRONT (0,0,0.25,0.25), TOP (0.5,0.75,0.75,1.0) etc. The same problem of shared vertices still arises if I use 6 different textures as the orientation of the textures will need to be described also. I know that batching textures is important for D3D so I'll probably create a texture map as I know my program will only require a limited amount of textures - however a future expansion may require a lot of textures and so I need to know if describing each face is necessary within my VB. The program will eventually render a scene similar to the view seen in Dungeon Master - the map in my program will be a 'square' map with only 90 degree turns but an obvious expansion would be to better harness the 3D environment and have the camera move in a more realistic manner. I was just wondering whether filling my dynamic buffer with the vertex information for each face before rendering is the 'correct' way to render the scene. I can't help thinking its probably not.

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